Industry FinTech Inc (IFT) was founded with the mission to empower those entrepreneurs that rely upon capital from private investors.

By providing an institutional quality, intelligent back office platform, we allow Issuers, Sponsors, GPs and Managers to more effectively scale their efforts, manage their investors and focus on success. IFT can handle the rest – from Finance to Operations to Compliance to HR to Technology to Investor Relations and everything else.

And, in a modern world full of complex regulations and rules, the IFT platform helps ensure compliance to the requirements that any firm with private investors must follow.

We’ve created a single platform that combines all of the core functions necessary to operate provided by a full-service, 3rd party administrator. The result is simplicity and the ability to provide our clients the single most important solution – the ability to be trusted by investors and stakeholders.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Private Equity Funds

  • Real Estate Syndicators

  • Limited Partnerships

  • Venture Funds

  • Investment Clubs

  • Private REITs

  • Portfolio One-off Private Deals

  • General Funds

  • Any Reg D Offering

Equity, Fund, IR, and HR Administration for every registration type

  • REITs

  • Reg D Funds - 506(a), 506(b), 506(c)

  • Reg A+

  • Private Placements